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For many people, a critical first step in owning their reproductive health is hearing a personal experience from someone they trust. We’ve partnered with hundreds of influencers – across YouTube, Instagram, podcasts and beyond – to connect their audience to the healthcare they deserve. And we want to do the same with you. There's a better way to get birth control; help us spread the word.

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Get paid! All our official partners are compensated as advocates for our brand.

Why Work With SimpleHealth?

With SimpleHealth, your audience could discover a new, key part of their health care. Use your voice and creativity to help us get the word out — birth control can be simple. We want to help you drive engaging content through partnerships that mean something.

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SimpleHealth Influencer Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to improve birth control access?

Birth control can empower people. Millions live in contraceptive deserts and lack access to birth control, which can lead to higher rates of unintended pregnancies, less talent in the workforce, and less freedom for people to plan their futures. Check out our blog post to read more or this article for more statistics.

What if I am uncomfortable talking about birth control and don’t have personal experience?

Birth control can be an hard topic to navigate, but we know there is a real benefit in hearing others share their experiences. Responses to and engagement in our content has been outstandingly positive. If you are not comfortable with sharing your own story, consider having a general discussion around birth control access in the U.S. and how SimpleHealth is using technology to make it better.

Will my content get flagged or taken down?

We have partnered with hundreds of YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and podcasters and no one we have worked with has had their partnered content demonetized.

Can I still partner if I am currently getting my birth control through another method?

Yes, you can still partner with us. There is no obligation to use us or say that you use us, we simply want to connect your audience with better access to birth control. Share your position on birth control access in the US, and talk about how SimpleHealth is supporting a better way of doing things.

Who can use SimpleHealth?

Those aged 13+ (minimum age varies by state) who live in one of our covered states. Click here to see the states that we currently operate in.

How much does SimpleHealth cost?

  • One time (annual) fee of $20 for the consultation and prescription. But we will waive this fee for your followers with a promo code!
  • Most birth control is free with insurance, or starts at $15/month without it.
  • Shipping is always free.

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