Best Online Birth Control Services, Compared

We reviewed and compared the three biggest online birth control providers: SimpleHealth, NURX, and The Pill Club. Read on to find out how they differ.

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Compare At a Glance

Figuring out what birth control website fits your needs can be daunting. We simplified it for you.

Simple Health
The Pill Club
Price With Insurance
Covered by most insurance plans.
Price Without Insurance
Opt for generics for the lowest price.
Number of birth control options
A wide range of options helps doctors find the best fit for your needs.
Free shipping
Every refill ships for free, right to your door.
Unlimited doctor access
Ask questions about your prescription or side effects any time.
Find your fit
Adjust or change your prescription anytime, at no extra charge.
On-call care team
Personalized support via text or email whenever you need it.
Money-back guarantee
You won't be charged for consultation unless you receive a prescrption.

Ready for a better way to get birth control?

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