Let’s start talking

More than 99% of women have used it. It’s been utilized since ancient times. Yet birth control has always been something we just don’t talk about. And when this topic is excluded from the healthcare narrative, women suffer.

So this month, we’re partnering with Power to Decide and asking you to join us in igniting the conversation.

If you’ve ever struggled to get your birth control — because of cost, insurance coverage, doctor interference, getting time off from work — we’re asking you to publicly talk about it for “Let’s Talk” month.

Share your story on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #KissMyAccess, and for each tagged post in October, we’ll donate one month of birth control to an uninsured woman.*

Use your voice

By talking about it, you’re helping uninsured women get access and inspiring women everywhere to own the conversation, because the first step towards change is giving the problem a voice. And we can’t do that without you.

“I’d travel to a planned Parenthood to get my birth control but that was really inconvenient because I’d have to take a 40 minute train ride to the city followed by a 15 minute walk.”
“I’ve had difficulty getting a doctors appointment as well as faced discrimination from doctors who imply birth control is somehow unethical.”
“Trying to find a doctor who could prescribe birth control without a physical was hard to do. I have no health insurance, so paying for an exam just to get birth control was something I couldn’t afford.”
“Insurance only covers one visit per year. In NY, you must see your gyno every 6 months for a birth control check. My insurance doesn’t cover the appointment and I can’t afford to pay OOP.”
“I was unmarried and thus rejected for more permanent birth control in spite of the risks pregnancy could have to my health.”
“I was raised in a household where birth control was fine for literally every woman in the planet except for me. I was expected to never have sex and to never need birth control.”

Patients say: “It’s not easy”

have struggled to access birth control in the past
have felt uncomfortable talking about birth control with family
have felt the need to be discreet when taking birth control

We made a
better way

There’s still a long way to go, but we’ve made birth control more affordable, convenient and personal. Get it prescribed online and delivered for free.

*From October 7 - 31, SimpleHealth will donate one month of birth control to an uninsured woman for every Instagram or Twitter post tagged with the hashtag #KissMyAccess, up to 4,000 months.