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Cold Sore Treatment

How can I get cold sore treatment through SimpleHealth?
What is valacyclovir?
How do I use SimpleHealth’s Prescription Cold Sore Kit? How effective is it?
 Is SimpleHealth’s Prescription Cold Sore Kit safe to take with my birth control?
How much does the Prescription Cold Sore Kit cost?
What are cold sores and how do I know if I have them?
What dosage will I receive in SimpleHealth’s Prescription Cold Sore Kit and how will I get it?
How do I take SimpleHealth’s prescription cold sore treatment?
What can trigger a cold sore?
Who should not take valacyclovir?
Why is the medication the same for oral and genital herpes?
How do you store valacyclovir?
What are the potential side effects of valacyclovir?
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