Using the Pill and Female Condom Together

Published: January 11, 2020Updated: August 19, 2022

We’ve talked about using condoms while on the pill, but the female condom (also known as FC2) has unique benefits that when paired with hormonal contraception go a long way to keep you healthy and safe.

Totally safe sex, where you are 100% protected from every unwanted consequence of intercourse, doesn’t actually exist. If you engage in sex, even a perfect application of the options available will still carry a risk. But what happens when you use two forms of contraception together, like the pill and FC2? Let’s look at how these methods work as contraception and protection from STIs individually and when they are combined.

How It Works: Hormonal Contraception (AKA the Pill)

The pill, patch and ring, including Annovera, all work to stop an egg from becoming fertilized. This is done by preventing the eggs from staying in your fallopian tubes (ovulation) and by thickening the mucus on your cervix, which slows the movement of sperm. These hormonal contraceptives greatly reduce your likelihood of becoming pregnant. You can compare their effectiveness, which range from 85-99%, here.

How It Works: The FC2 (AKA the Female Condom)

The FC2 is a barrier method — a condom made of latex-free nitrate that’s inserted into the vagina. By introducing a physical barrier, the sperm can’t swim to and fertilize an egg. The FC2 also helps prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) between partners by preventing direct skin-to-skin contact in and around your genitals as well as fluid exchange. Although it’s also single-use and disposable, the FC2 is different from the male condom in a number of ways.

How It Works: The Pill and Female Condom Combined

You get the benefits of both contraception methods and a huge reduction in exposure to STIs, including HIV. Additionally, using the pill and female condom together is an extremely effective way to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy. If you want peace-of-mind, and to exercise as much control as possible when doing the deed, this combination could be a great fit for you.

And remember: there are lots of myths surrounding STIs, so make sure you know the facts, and take the right precautions for you.

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