Tell all your friends! Emme is joining SimpleHealth!

Published: February 16, 2022Updated: March 2, 2022

We are SO excited to announce that Emme, one of the fastest growing, innovative tech companies in the healthcare industry, will be officially joining the SimpleHealth family. This incredibly important acquisition will make SimpleHealth the ONLY company to offer a fully-integrated solution for birth control pill management.

Who is Emme? 

Emme is a healthcare technology company that empowers birth control users to take ownership of their reproductive health. Emme’s Smart Birth Control System, with their cute birth control case, streamlines the ability to receive, track, and manage birth control pills, using patented, multi-sensor technology to manage when pills are taken or when they’re not. Emme helps reduce the rate of missed pills, which historically accounts for nearly one million unplanned pregnancies in the United States annually.

Why is Emme joining SimpleHealth? 

SimpleHealth and Emme are both women-led innovators in contraceptive care. By joining SimpleHealth, Emme strengthens our vital platform to create more opportunities for connected, personalized reproductive care. This will expand our ability to provide simple, patient-centric prescription delivery services to our patients.

What does this mean for you?

By combining forces with Emme, SimpleHealth can now offer more streamlined birth control management, which can dramatically benefit patients, creating a more effective and less stressful experience. SimpleHealth can prescribe birth control and offer solutions for birth control management through the use of the Emme smart case to remind you to take your birth control pills at the same time every day, increasing the effectiveness of the pill and continuing our mission to provide effective reproductive care. 

By acquiring Emme, SimpleHealth will hold reproductive care to a new standard, leveraging specialized technology to expand on digital offerings for sexual health, fertility preparedness, perimenopause, and other key transitional life phases. 

We’re so honored to be on this journey with Emme and with our patients. Stay tuned for more! 

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