3 Playlists to Get You Through Your Period, Gyno Visit, and More

Published: July 16, 2021Updated: July 16, 2021

Music has the power to instantly change your mood. If you’re anything like us, you have the perfect playlist for almost any occasion—from Monday morning inbox triage, to Saturday morning deep cleaning, to pre-party hangs before you go out for the night. 

But… do you have a playlist that helps you chill out during stressful reproductive health situations? Probably not—but that’s what we’re here for. We curated three empowering playlists to support you during the times when you might be feeling a little uncomfortable with your reproductive health. Plug in your headphones, hit the download button, and get ready to jam to three fresh playlists.

But first—does music actually help with stress?

Yup, it totally does, and there are lots of studies that back that up. For example, an analysis of over 400 studies showed that music improves the body’s immune system function and reduces stress by reducing cortisol levels (that’s the hormone associated with stress, btw). Even more intriguing, listening to music was also found to be more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety before surgery. That’s pretty powerful.

Another study found that listening to music during a stressful situation can help people better regulate their mood. Participants reported feeling less stressed, nervous, sad, upset, and depressed after listening to music before taking on a public speech.

Let’s turn up the volume. Here are our three specially-curated for when you need a little boost.

Playlist #1: For when you’re on your period

You might be experiencing a lot of feelings during the week or so you’re on your period. Sadness? Yup. Discomfort? Been there. An unexplainable amount of rage at the eighth grade boyfriend who wronged you on the playground? Hey, nothing to be embarrassed about.

This first playlist recognizes those emotions and gives you a few of our favorite songs to lean into those feelings. But at the same time, we’re using this playlist as the chance for a little self-love, so you can appreciate the crazy science that makes it possible for you to menstruate and be grateful for the fact that you have access to reproductive health products that make menstruation a little easier. Oh, and expect a *lot* of girl power jams on this playlist.

Playlist #2: For relaxing before going to the gyno

Hanging out in stirrups wearing a paper-thin hospital gown isn’t quite our idea of a good time. And if we’re being honest, there have been times we’ve felt super stressed out before going to the gyno for our annual check-up. 

But now, you have a new routine before you head to the doctor’s office. Pop on this playlist, which we filled with feel-good tunes that are sure to hype you up. Strut into the office like you own the place and sail through your gyno appointment with confidence—you *are* the main character here.

Playlist #3: For your SimpleHealth consultation

Our consultations may be super quick and easy, but hey, we’ll take any excuse to make a good playlist. This short-but-sweet collection embodies the warm connections we make with our patients, filled with classic jams you’ve heard and loved for years. Sign up for your first SimpleHealth consultation here, and follow us on Spotify for more empowering playlists!

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