Meet Emme, Birth Control’s Best Friend

Published: July 7, 2022Updated: July 7, 2022
Different colored cases on lilac purple background holding birth control pill packs in a case

Ten million people use the pill in the United States each year. 80% of whom miss at least one pill per month, and our own research suggests 42% will take at least one pregnancy test each year. 

So what if remembering to take the pill could be easier? Today, we have access to technology that did not exist even ten years ago. So why not put it to use?

Enter Emme, Your Pill Accountability Buddy

Earlier this year, we welcomed the Emme Smart Case and app to the SimpleHealth family, and we’re excited to officially introduce Emme to you. Emme is the first integrated system that removes the burden of remembering to take birth control pills and provides educational information when emergency contraception might be needed.

The Emme Smart Case is compatible with more than 100 brands of birth control pills and uses multi-sensor technology to track when pills are taken. The smart case syncs with the app to send persistent customized reminders until the dose is taken.

The app also supports cycle management with tracking for mood, symptoms, and side effects.

Whether you use the pill as a contraceptive or for one of its many other benefits — as a treatment for acne, depression, or other hormonal symptoms — we know Emme can be the partner you need to help you use the pill the way it is intended.

Need a Better Way to Get Birth Control?

Enjoy birth control prescribed online and delivered for free.

How Does Emme Keep You Accountable?

The Emme Smart Case is used to store your birth control pill pack each month. Paired with the Emme mobile app, the smart case uses bluetooth low energy (BLE) to connect with your phone. By connecting to your phone, the smart case seamlessly tracks the pills you take—or don’t—and sends custom reminders based on your unique habits. 

Emme also logs the time you take your pills and utilizes a color coding system to help you recognize your own pill-taking habits and make adjustments based on your lifestyle. 

How the Emme Smart Case Senses Pills 

The Emme Smart Case uses multi-sensor technology to ensure accuracy. There is one sensor in the bottom of the case that checks to see if the case is open and a second sensor in the bottom of the case that can see if the pill pack is present in the case. Together, Emme uses these sensors to confirm that you have opened your case and removed the pill pack before marking the pill as taken in the app.

With Emme, the game-changing system that empowers you to take and track your birth control pills anywhere you go, you’ll miss fewer pills!


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