Motherhood, It's Complicated

Carrie SiuButt
Carrie SiuButt
Published: May 6, 2022Updated: May 9, 2022

Like Motherhood, Mother’s Day Can Be Complicated


In the last few years, I have approached Mother’s Day with much care and consideration. Mindful to not say the wrong thing or that someone might in turn say the wrong thing to me, not knowing my personal story and its impact on my understanding of motherhood. 


The truth is that motherhood is complicated, messy, and beautiful – sometimes all at once. 


As a person born with a genetic defect - Dystonia, and someone who underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to minimize the effects of my Dystonia, I had to make the difficult decision not to have children. I knew at that time that I would have to focus on being a great auntie rather than a mother.


I recognize that my story isn't everyone’s. That some of us have aunties, mothers, mother figures, or people who love us like mothers. Many of us are mothers ourselves, or want to be one someday.


Some of us have grief and pain associated with the journey or experience of motherhood. Not everyone has positive memories and might have even had to raise themselves or their siblings. And some want to be mothers, but experience infertility. 


There's no one way to feel about motherhood. It's just complicated. And pretending it's not would be overlooking a huge aspect of what it means to be a human.


The beautiful thing about my reproductive story, and what led me to be the CEO of SimpleHealth, is understanding the vast and unpredictable experience of being a person born with biologically female organs and the complicated decisions that you have to make or are made for you.


For us, health care is also complicated and messy, a lot like motherhood. That’s why SimpleHealth is dedicated to showing up for you at whatever stage of the reproductive journey you’re in. 


We are committed to getting you the care you need and affirming your strength along the way. You deserve simpler and more accessible options to help you be in control of your health. 


That's our promise today, a not-so-simple Sunday. And every other day. We’re here for you.  


Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you,


- Carrie Siu Butt

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