Is Annovera a Good Fit For You?

Published: April 6, 2020Updated: March 2, 2022

You may be thinking: what is Annovera and how do I know if it’s right for me? Annovera is a super soft, easy to use, patient controlled vaginal ring that lasts a whole year. (Yes, that means no procedures!) Lots of people are making the switch to this long-term contraceptive, read about why here.

So, who uses Annovera? 

People who are too busy for daily maintenance, but want protection.

We all know it too well—the issue of getting too busy and forgetting a pill. With Annovera there is no need for daily reminders and alarms, so you can keep on living your busy and best life. 

Those who can’t get to the pharmacy.

Whether a pharmacy is too far away or you just can’t quite make it there in time, Annovera is delivered to your door once— no more running around. 

People who travel often.

Unlike the NuvaRing, Annovera does not require any refrigeration and is easily stored in a discrete compact case, making it a great option for travel! 

Anyone who is looking for long-term birth control.

Annovera lasts for 13 cycles, which means long-term protection but without any procedures. During the 7 days it’s removed, you’ll get your period. After the 7 days are up, insert Annovera again for the next 21 days, and continue this process for up to 12 months.

People who want a low-waste option.

As so many of us are focusing more on sustainability, Annovera allows you to continue your low waste lifestyle. Since Annovera lasts all year, there is only one product and delivery, meaning less packaging and less transportation (whether for you or the mail carriers). 

Individuals who want to try a new birth control.

Whether you’ve tried many different birth control options or are looking to make the switch from the pill for the first time, Annovera is a comfortable alternative for those looking for a long-lasting option. 

If you’re interested in Annovera, great news: you can get it prescribed and delivered to your door—for free—through SimpleHealth.

Not sure about Annovera but interested in other hormonal forms of birth control? Our doctors can recommend the right option for you.

Check out our easy, doctor-designed consultation to get started and make your birth control process easier (and more affordable) than it's ever been.

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