How to Get Birth Control (Without Your Parents Finding Out)

Published: July 18, 2019Updated: November 22, 2022
How to Get Birth Control (Without Your Parents Finding Out) | SimpleHealth

SimpleHealth can provide birth control to women ages 13 and up (minimum age varies by state) regardless of their insurance status. However, this does present a challenge for some women: privacy about their birth control while living with their parents.

We understand that some women, especially those who are under 18, are worried about their parents finding out they are using birth control. We get it, and we do our best to make sure that everyone is comfortable using our service. So here are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding privacy:

What does the shipping package look like?

We ship birth control in discreet packaging (essentially just a white envelope) so no one will know that it’s medication that has arrived at your door.

What does the credit card charge show up as on my statement?

The charge will show up as “SimpleHealth” on your credit card or bank account statement.

If I’m on my parents insurance, will the statements show that I received birth control?

For shared family insurance, privacy policies vary by state. To verify whether your insurance documentation will show that you were issued birth control, call your insurance company and ask that your personal health information can only be disclosed to you. Also request that your Explanation of Benefits (or EOB—the document your insurance company sends that provides basic information about what services were covered during a visit or time period) is only sent to you. Generally, they will be able to let you know if they can guarantee your privacy. You can use this handy guide if you’re unsure what to ask the insurance representative.

If you still have any concerns about insurance or billing privacy, you can ensure complete privacy by purchasing your birth control without insurance, meaning you’ll pay the cost out-of-pocket. We know that might not sound ideal, but at SimpleHealth our team can work with you to find an affordable option. We offer 100+ brands of birth control, starting at just $15 a month. Just let us know if cost is a concern in your consultation or post-checkout, and we’ll be sure to take care of your needs!

Ready to get started? Complete the SimpleHealth online consultation to be prescribed, and set yourself up with automatic refills and free home delivery. You can take our consultation from anywhere, on your schedule (like the couch while binge watching Netflix on a Saturday afternoon).

Birth Control With and Without Insurance

Easy, affordable options for birth control, shipped to your door. Yes, it’s possible.

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