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Welcome to online birth control prescriptions and regular home delivery.

Here’s how it works.

Complete your consultation.

Fill out your medical history and personal preferences. With this information your doctor can prescribe a birth control brand that will be safe and effective for you.

Add your payment details.

The one-time consultation fee is $20, which covers the doctor’s time. Birth control is $0 copay with most insurance and starts at $15 per month without. We’ll help you find a method that fits your budget.

Get your prescription.

A doctor will review your information and write you a prescription for the right method, whether that’s the pill, patch or ring. If they are unable to issue you a prescription or you change your mind, your consultation fee will be refunded.

Never worry again.

Forget pharmacy runs—we ship your birth control to your door. We’ll automatically take care of refills, too, so you never run out. Plus, easily cancel any time.

Enjoy continuing care.

We believe in relationships, not transactions. Our patient experience team and your doctor are just a message away. If you have an issue or question at any point in the future, we’ll be here.

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