Care done right

For $20 a year, receive unlimited access to the birth control care you need. It’s that simple.

Complete Care, just $20 a year

(cash pay)
Other options
Annual consultation
A doctor recommends and prescribes a birth control that meets your needs.
Unlimited doctor access
Ask questions about your prescription or side effects any time.
On-call care team
Personalized support via text or email whenever you need it.
Free shipping
Every refill ships for free, right to your door.
No commitments
Adjust your refills or cancel any time.
45-day check-in
We’ll proactively ensure your birth control is working well. If not, we’re on it.
Find your fit
Adjust or change your prescription anytime, at no extra charge.
Risk-free promise
We don’t charge unless you receive a prescription.
Complete Care extras
Receive emergency contraception and the female condom for $0 copay.*
Coming soon
SimpleHealth Supplements
Access to our supplements: multivitamin, probiotic, and urinary tract support.
Cold sore/herpes prescriptions
Treatment for your cold sores or genital herpes delivered with your birth control.
Coming soon
Birth control cost
Opt for generic for the lowest price.
$0 with most plans
$15 per month
May start as high as $24.99 per month
*In the rare case a copay is required - you’ll hear from us!

How it works

Complete your consultation
Fill out your personal preferences and health history in our easy and comprehensive online consultation.
Get your prescriptions
A doctor reviews your consultation and prescribes a birth control based on your needs, along with emergency contraception and the female condom, if eligible.
Never worry again
Forget pharmacy runs — we ship your birth control items to your door, right when you need them.

Birth control, built for you

Ready to experience a better way to get birth control? See for yourself how simple it is.