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Aviane is an oral contraceptive pill that uses progestin and a low dose of estrogen hormones to help prevent pregnancy and regulate periods. Aviane may cause fewer side effects like bloating, weight gain and mood swings, compared to pills with higher dose of estrogen.

Additional Information

Birth control type

Combination Pill


$21/month or free with most insurance


21 active + 7 inactive


Barr Laboratories Inc

Equivalent medications


Also known as

Aubra, Delyla, Falmina, Larissia, Lessina, Sronyx


Does this medication help with heavy periods?

If you are experiencing heavy periods or painful cramps, Aviane can make your symptoms less severe. Our doctors are here to help - if you have heavy periods, let us know in the consultation so our doctors can make sure you find the right fit.

Does this medication make you gain weight?

Like most modern birth control pills, Aviane lacks estrogen levels that are high enough to cause weight gain. Abundant recent evidence shows that there is no causal link between modern birth control and weight gain (aside from the shot, Depo Provera). If weight gain is a concern for you or you experience it after starting birth control, reach out to us so our doctors can discuss your options with you.

Does this medication cause acne?

Birth control has long been prescribed as treatment for acne. If acne is a concern for you, let us know in the consultation and our doctors will help you find the right brand for you.

How long after I start taking this medication am I fully protected against pregnancy?

This medication is effective right away if you start taking it within 5 days after the start of your last period. If you start taking Aviane anytime after the 5th day of your cycle, you won’t be protected against pregnancy for 7 days. During these 7 days, you should use backup contraception (like condoms) during vaginal sex, since there is still a possibility you could get pregnant.