Get birth control.
Anytime, anywhere.

All women deserve access to birth control. That’s why we prescribe it online and deliver it free—no doctor or pharmacy visits required.

Free with most insurance
Get a new Rx or transfer
Shipping is always free

A better way to get birth control.

The health care system puts up barriers that prevent women from getting birth control. We thought of a better way.

Simple Health
Online Consultation
Consult with a doctor online
Your Pills Delivered
Your birth control arrives at your door
Existing Healthcare
Make an appointment
Travel to the doctor's office
Wait to see the doctor
Consult with the doctor
Pick up your prescription

No insurance?
No problem.

We understand it isn’t always available. That’s why we offer affordable birth control regardless of your coverage.

Consult online with our trusted doctors.

Our OBGYNs and physicians will help you find birth control that fits your lifestyle, whether that’s the pill, patch or ring.

Access isn’t simple.
We think it should be.

women in need lack reasonable access to birth control
of women have used their birth control inconsistently to save money
women aged 19-64 have no health insurance

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