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Are you nutritionally fit?

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Check out the links to your left and begin the process. As a Registered Dietitian in private practice I have created this website to help my clients make healthy food choices.

People ask me "what is a Registered Dietitian?" We often hear the term "nutritionist." What is the difference? A qualified nutritionist will have a Bachelors, Masters or PhD in nutrition. So, if you seek their counsel, ask them about their education because many people call themselves a nutritionist without the degree. Some Dietitians call themselves a nutritionist too. It is a good term, just check for credentials.

A Registered Dietitian (RD) has a Bachelors or Masters degree in nutrition and sometimes a PhD. Along with a degree an RD is different from a nutritionist in that they must complete a one year internship and take the Commission on Dietetic Registration exam. After passing, they can use RD after their name. They are qualified to work in the medical field, food service and the community educating people about how to stay fit.

Pat Spencer, RD
Registered Dietitian